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Lost Soul

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by , September 24th, 2014 at 05:43 AM (866 Views)
(Not a poem)
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Wondering what the future might have in store..
Not sure of anything anymore..
wanting to believe but feeling so deceived.

If my faith wasn’t enough.. how much more could I have believed? I believed with all my heart. Now it seems I am still not further than where I began and the road ahead looks like a dead end.

I know I’m supposed to keep believing but there is hardly a wind left in my sail. I feel my ship has been damaged beyond repair and may never be able to set a new course again..

Be still sayeth the Lord, but what if all I see is darkness with no safe shore and no light in sight..

Maybe this too will pass.. maybe somehow all is not lost and a good end is still somewhere on the horizon.. but this to me is like believing in a fairy tale right now..

Is it better to face the reality and accept what seems inevitable.. or believe in a miracle even though your heart has grown weary at the thought of it ever happening..

To be continued……..

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  1. tourist's Avatar
    Profound poetry.