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Thinking Out Loud

  1. Laging Mananalig

    by , 1 Week Ago at 10:21 AM (Thinking Out Loud)

    Sinasabing ang buhay ay parang gulong

    Minsan nasa itaas ka, minsan nasa ibaba

    Ngunit bakit pakiramdam ko’y lagi akong sawi’t talo

    Kailan pa kaya iikot ang gulong ng buhay ko?

    Iikot pa ba kaya ang nasabing gulong?

    O mananatili na lang akong nadadaganan nito?

    Ito ba talaga ang kapalaran ko?

    O ito ba ang guhit ng palad ko?

    Hindi! Hindi ito kapalaran lang

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  2. He Who Completes Me

    by , 2 Weeks Ago at 07:09 AM (Thinking Out Loud)

    My heart longs to be accepted; to belong;

    But I guess my heart belongs to You alone;

    For I’ve been searching…

    …been wanting to feel accepted

    …been waiting to belong

    …been hoping to get noticed

    But found no one who can make me feel complete.


    But today You reminded me that Your love is great

    So great that it can actually overwhelm ...

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  3. ARMED

    by , 2 Weeks Ago at 08:00 AM (Thinking Out Loud)

    Our hope is found in You alone, our LORD and Savior
    Winning life’s battles is impossible on our own
    Only You alone can calm the raging storms…
    …that steal our joy;
    …that cause us to be restless;
    …that make us doubt Your goodness;
    …that distract us from hearing Your voice.


    When life’s storm hits, it hits hard
    It’s crippling, it’s overwhelming, it’s disturbing
    So please help us ...

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  4. My Best Friend

    by , 2 Weeks Ago at 08:14 AM (Thinking Out Loud)

    Just as I needed you, you’re there,

    Whenever I’m weary, you care,
    Tears and laughter we both share.

    Every time I cry, you wipe away my tears,
    You give me courage when I’m frightened and scared,
    You are my shepherd, always and forever.

    Sometimes life seems so hard,
    Troubles and trials all so bad,
    But you stay the same, and that makes me glad.

    Undying, everlasting – that’s your love,
    That always

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