Should have announced this weeks ago:

The YouTube and SermonTube rooms are back up now (have been for several weeks). They were broken for a while AGAIN because YouTube changed their API (application programming interface) AGAIN and so we had to recode it AGAIN on our end.

It's now done, so come on in and watch music videos, movies, sermons, etc. with others!

You can search for youtube videos directly from within the chat app with this command (typed in the main chat):

/youtube WHATEVER

For example:

/youtube Gospel of John Movie

Then just click one of the thumbnail search results that you will see in the frame on the right.

Or if you have the URL of a youtube video you can play it like this:

/youtube URL

For example:


You can also pause any video like this:


and resume it like this:


You can also seek or replay a certain part like this:

/seek TIME

For example:

/seek 1:30

Currently it's available only in the web-based flash chat, not the mobile app.

Just letting everyone know it's back up!