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Thread: YouEdify Room Guidelines

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    Default YouEdify Room Guidelines

    I get many questions about what this room is for. This room was my idea, so I'll try and explain.

    Sometimes it's easier to first explain what the room isn't for.

    It's not for

    silly talk
    chit chat
    small talk
    preaching of sermons
    elongated bible studies
    elongated theological discussions.
    discussion of obscure, trivial or controversial bible topics

    The main idea of the room is for a place we can build each other up in the faith. The atmosphere of the room should be one where if someone enters and they want to be ministered to, they shouldn't have to wade through arguing, silly talk, chit chat, debating, small talk, someone preaching, someone monologuing, some having an elongated bible study/discussion, in order to get edified.

    Things the room is for.............

    Praying for each other, but not having it be an elongated prayer meeting type event.
    Giving non-monologue length words of encouragement.
    Sharing a short portion of the bible with each other, without dominating the mic.
    Sharing a song or singing a song (Christian songs). A song at a time, not a concert.
    Helping someone if they have problems and they just need someone to talk to.(Just be sure you're aware of others entering the room who may want ministering to too. If the time ends up getting long and tedious, please show courtesy and go to another room, so others can use it.)

    I think that gives you a general idea. Feel free to ask legit questions if you have them. But please don't ask silly hair splitting type of questions or absurd hypothetical situation type questions. I think the description above gives you an idea what it's all about.

    I've also noticed that sometimes, people go there for the room's intended purpose, but as chat progresses they get in to random chit chat and the like. If this happens, please just go to another room.

    Also, if you're in the room chit chatting or silly talking, and a mod comes in and asks you to please follow the room guidelines, please don't just change the topic so you are alble to stay in the room. That seems like forced edification. Simply take your chit chat and small talk to another room. Thanks.
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    Default Re: YouEdify Room Guidelines

    Notice this thread was made in 2011. There aren't any new rule changes. This is being bumped to inform some who seem to indicate they want such a room.

    Simple Bible reading is also permitted.
    But if someone is going to read scripture but then expound it for a long 2 minutes or more, that's not permitted.
    This room is wayyy more buttoned down, strict, and meant for a very unique type of atmosphere/environment.
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