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Thread: TY's ban. Follow up post.

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    Default TY's ban. Follow up post.

    As we all know from the first thread...

    The reason for TY's ban

    ...TY has been banned.

    He was initially banned for ten days, and I informed him of this ten day ban. Since the ban he has continued to cause related issues for this site, and he says he was unjustly banned.

    So let me address a couple of things.

    First. He was banned, for initiating a PM in chat, to someone who was minding their own business in chat. In said PM, he insulted, judged and overall harassed someone who was simply minding their own business in a chat room. This is all documented in the initial thread. There is a screen shot of him even admitting he was harsh with said chatter.

    Second. TY has a charge against me. He believes he was unjustly banned. He's arguing over the procedure of how I handled the ban. Because of this, he says he was unjustly banned.

    He seems to have wanted me to contact him before the ban, and hear his side of all the off site, interpersonal conflict he's been having with this person in relation to some situation with him and another family and this person.

    Let me explain something as a moderator. My immediate concern is things that happen right within this site. I also have to concern myself with SOME things that happen outside of chat, that relate to how this site operates. I make decisions on this site, based mostly on those factors.

    Very RARELY do I have to make a decision on this site when it's related to some non-chat related, personal, real life conflict/drama. My scope VERY RARELY as a moderator reaches in to some off-site, real life situations. Very rarely will I have to make a chat related decision, based on someone's conduct in some interpersonal, conflict/feud that is happening off site and isn't directly related to the well-being of this site.

    (Just to clear things up. When I talk about not bringing your personal issues in to chat, I'm not saying, you can't ask people in chat to help you with things in your personal life. What I mean is that if there is some drama between you and someone, off site, don't come bringing it in to chat, to the point you try and settle said feud, within chat, to the extent it requires the attention of a moderator. In other words, settle your real life feuds off site. Of course you're allowed to come in chat and share your problems with others and seek non-conflict causing, support.)

    TY's ongoing, personal drama/conflict with this person off site, does not really reach in to my scope of influence! Thus, me listening to him tell me all the details of the wrongs supposedly done to him in real life, really wouldn't have mattered in my decision as a moderator on this site.

    TY wants to cast blame on me based on 'procedure'. Again, here's the deal. Regardless of the details of the''procedure", TY still did what he did!

    Regardless of procedure, TY still, initiated a PM with a chatter, where he judged, bothered, or where he even admits, 'was harsh' with someone. TY seems to want to shift blame from his actions, and shift it to me and how I handled the details.

    Here's the thing, no 'procedure' would have been necessary in the first place, if he hadn't of started that PM with the chatter who was minding their own business.

    Since TY doesn't think it was wrong of him to do this with said chatter, since he continued to make chat related issues for us, he remains on a perma ban.
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    Default Re: TY's ban. Follow up post.

    We reserve the right to ban any user who is going on harassing another user against their wishes, as the logs provided by the girl show (logs which Ty acknowledges). That's our terms of service. This is not a "stillwaters" thing. It's a "Christian Chat" thing. (If she really was previously harassing him for weeks in Christian Chat as he now claims, then he should have reported it, and we would have dealt with her -- if that was really true and he had logs to show it.)

    Note that the ban was only a 10-day temporary ban. Also understand that all bans can be appealed. But if instead of appealing a ban, a person goes on bashing our site and our admin/moderators and trying to stir up people against us (as Ty has been doing on Facebook), then we'd rather just leave it in place. So it's an indefinite ban now and that also is not a "stillwaters" thing -- it's a joint-admin decision actually initiated by me.

    If some peeps want to bash, attack, accuse, etc., we'll prasie the Lord while they're being immature. But I think the great majority of people here do appreciate our efforts to keep the chat rooms clean and friendly.

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: TY's ban. Follow up post.

    I think you guys do an awesome job.. Of course not everyone is going to be happy with your decisions, But most of us are glad you are there.
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    Default Re: TY's ban. Follow up post.

    Its just heart breaking for me to have gotten stuck in the middle of all this...I wish things could be different, but I understand you guys are doing your job. Thank you for your guys' service and for helping to keep us safe.
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    Default Re: TY's ban. Follow up post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raeshelle View Post
    I think you guys do an awesome job.. Of course not everyone is going to be happy with your decisions, But most of us are glad you are there.
    I agree with Raeshelle. No matter how you do things you can't make everyone happy. I think your decision was for the best and you guys do an amazing job keeping this chat safe and open to everyone. I am very glad to be on this site and it has been helping my walk with God go a lot smoother.

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    Default Re: TY's ban. Follow up post.


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