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...but I wasn't confident at all not one bit ..they succeeded they hurt me they broke me.
I am truly sorry to hear that you were treated so poorly by those who should have loved you and encouraged you, but look at it this way. God allowed you to be attacked because He knew that deep down you are a strong person and would not crumble under all these indignities.

I have this drive desire to be a good Christian woman but how when my own family deems me as damaged and unworthy?
So now that you are a mature Christian woman, you can put the past behind you.

1. Resolve that in Christ "old things have passed away, and all things have become new".

2. Forgive all those who hurt you and mocked you, just as Christ did. Bitterness will hurt you more than it will hurt them.

3. Get to know your position IN CHRIST, not what you were in the past or what others said you were. So how does God see you?

a) Perfect is Christ

b) His child through the New Birth

c) His heir, and joint heir with Christ

d) A child of God with a mansion and an eternal inheritance reserved in Heaven

e) A member of God's Royal Priesthood for eternity

f) A saint with the Holy Spirit -- indeed God Himself -- dwelling within.

Should all of this not give you full assurance that you are neither damaged nor unworthy? So just put the past with all its hurts in a coffin, nail it shut, and bury it. God has put your past behind His back, so you should do the same.