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Thread: Take the Stone

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    Default Take the Stone

    Take the Stone Away. Place the Stone Back

    "Jesus said, "Take ye away the stone." (John 11:39).

    The story is well known of a farmer who placed a large stone
    in the middle of the road that passed by his farm. Many
    complained about the lack of care of the rich man, who could
    care less about the people who passed there. We know that,
    in the end, the poor man who took his vegetables to sell at
    the market, dragged the stone over to the side of the road
    to unblock it, and found, under it, a bag with a letter from
    the farmer, giving one of his farms to whoever removed the
    stone. This story could be told in different ways and I want
    to change the ending, no matter what the story, giving a
    prize to the one who placed the stone there.

    We say that our greatest difficulty is in forgiving a hurt
    that someone caused us in the past. Let us place a stone
    over what happened! We are very sad because we were
    neglected, at work, by another person, simply because he was
    the friend of the boss. Let us place a stone on the sadness
    and go forward, with the same confidence as before. A good
    friend betrayed us, leaving our hearts filled with hate that
    never goes away. Let us place a stone on the bitterness and
    begin to love our neighbor more than ever before.

    When we place a stone on our problems, we do not see them
    anymore. We are free to live, to sing, to smile and be
    happy. When we place a stone on our burden, we free
    ourselves of the weight, the consequences of the burden, the
    anguish of having kept it for so long.

    Lazarus was freed when they removed the stone from the
    sepulcher. We can be freed when we place a stone on our
    struggles and deceptions. Let us ask God for wisdom to know
    when is the time to remove the stone and when is the time to
    put it in place.

    In a special way, place a stone on your life of sin. The
    stone that impedes blessings will be removed and you will
    find perfect joy.

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    Default Re: Take the Stone

    Very nice analogy..
    My testimonies are below.

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    ​ Orange kitties approve

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