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Thread: Thoughts & Encouragement for troubled marriages

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    Default Thoughts & Encouragement for troubled marriages

    I have seen on this site that so many marriages and families are being torn apart, mine included and my heart just hurts not only for myself but for so many of you. I have been praying for the things Ive been reading on this site. I am not good with words so please bare with me as I try to put my thoughts in words...
    Satan wants you to focus on your problems/your spouse and God is saying focus on me. I am reminded of the parable about Peter walking to Jesus on the water and when he was looking at Jesus he was ok but when he looked down he became afraid and began to sink. Im learning that it is like that in life to. When you stop looking toward Jesus and start looking at your circumstances, the enemy uses that to attempt to defeat us. But Jesus reached His hand down to Peter and walked with him back to the boat and once they got in the boat the winds ceased and the storm was calmed. Jesus is telling us that He is reaching His hand down to you, grab it, He wants to walk with you thru this storm. He is holding your hand, and He will carry you. No burden you bear is too much for Him. He will not allow the storm to overtake you, you just have to have faith, even if it is just the size of a mustard seed. He is walking with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you, He will calm the storm.
    I am learning to to trust an unknown future to a known God. That there is nothing that is impossible for God. He can soften hearts, He can restore, He can reconcile. He can do the impossible; after all He rose the dead!
    Use the word of God to bat down every thought the enemy throws your way. Tell him he is a liar and he is defeated and that the victory is yours! Pray for a hedge of protection around your family and marriage, pray that God will raise a standard against the enemy and that NO weapon formed against you will prosper.
    Trust me, my husband left me and the kids Thanksgiving Day, and it has been a long and hard journey but if I keep looking and worrying about the what if's and think about what I lost, or just focus on the circumstance, then the enemy will defeat me. I have to know that God said He will work things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. He has a plan for you and it is a plan for a future and hope and not disaster. Keep trusting , keep pressing on and keep your eyes on Jesus! He has a perfect plan for you, just walk with Him to get it I will keep praying for each of you and your family. Pls cont to lift my marriage/husband and family up as wel. God bless you all

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    Default Re: Thoughts & Encouragement for troubled marriages

    Well said!!!!!! I will do, thank you!

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    Default Re: Thoughts & Encouragement for troubled marriages

    Those are very encouraging words...and from someone who is struggling through it!

    Prayer really does work. Sometimes differently than we expect but it DOES work bring about a solution and a 'vision' of how we can live with a problem. Not just live with it but to OVERCOME it

    Thank you for sharing your strength!

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