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Thread: Need to find a apartment

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    Smile Need to find a apartment

    Wondering if someone can help me find a apartment in Orange County CA. I need a 2 bedroom So I can get my son back from the Social Services.

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    Default Re: Need to find a apartment

    Dear Mosher...The Father wants to hear from you...pray with a genuine heart in agreement with me for your need and TRUST the Lord to answer in His will, way and time. He has a way for you but He wants you to depend on Him for all your provision.


    When we ask praying with a genuine heart and step out to trust Him having faith, He will STEP UP, when He shows up with the miracle you asked for...we grow in faith and BELIEVE all the more in His aliveness, thus drawing even closer to The Holy One!

    Please understand, the Father may certainly use others to aid you but He alone is our rescuer and deliverer. Your circumstance can be blinding and may feel like it's happening "to" you but in God's loving discipline, it is happening "for" you and most often we cannot see this until we come through to His righteous outcome.

    Father, I come humbly before you asking and believing that you have a way for all who humble themselves before you...your grace is sufficient and I thank You Lord for protecting the lil' one and for your comfort to Mosher in her time of need and trial. We trust you Lord in Your tender mercies and know that You alone have control over all things and by faith we trust and believe you have answered this petition and we wait on You in Your perfect will, way and time. In the name of Your Son Jesus...Amen!

    Breathe Mosher, be patient with yourself and have faith in the only One you know can save you from yourself and your circumstance.


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    Default Re: Need to find a apartment

    wow i didnt think that was a real place

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    Default Re: Need to find a apartment

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharp View Post
    wow i didnt think that was a real place
    If you mean Orange County, CA it is a BIG place.

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