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Thread: my christian music channel

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    Default my christian music channel

    hi I created a Christian channel on youtube
    obviously, no profit is gained
    I am trying to address orthodoxy catholicism and etc in the channel
    I created playlists to help the user find whats best for him! such as subtitled videos, recommended videos and soon will come up much more diverse playlsits
    off course there are ways to distinguish between orthodox music and Catholic music in the channel, (by name, even thumbnail and the playlists are just a bonus)
    the subtitles part take a lot of my time, and although i get a lot of motivation to upload from users appreciation
    (which I infer from views, unfortunately, i see no comments or likes or no interaction even though I see a lot of views on the videos constantly from youtube analytics)
    i still work a lot, and somtimes i have no motivation to proceed with finding the subtitles and translations in the bible which is way way harder than it sounds, its latin bible, and somtimes its specific translations and the disk packages comes with no directions
    said a lot, but the idea is simple, enjoy the tracks!
    copyright system of youtube takes care for creators and they get money off of ads in the videos, besides that there are no ads

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    Default Re: my christian music channel

    Another advertisement from you. The very fact you seem to only log on to post this makes me lose all interest. And that it's a Catholic advertisement on a site whose Official stance is that Catholicism is not Christianity just adds to my dislike for this. Hate it when people treat the site as nothing more than a place to advertise. Seems of low character to me.
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