If nothing else watch this news report:

Iranian terror cells are being harbored and operating in Argentina? Isn't that where the throw away illegal kids that are entering America at some estimated 50,000 per day mostly hail from?

This prosecutor was slated to testify just hours after he was found dead of an apparent suicide in his apartment.
Right! He killed himself before he finally presented years of research on a topic that concerned him enough he dedicated his career to uncovering the truth.

How hard is it to hang someone? Not very. How about let them to appear dead of a "self" inflicted gunshot wound? Or an overdose?

Tragic. God rest his soul to peace. Bless him for trying to expose the evil inside Argentine Iranian politic.

Business Insider Article:
Dead Argentine prosecutor was zeroing in on a terror threat to the entire Western Hemisphere

Linette Lopez
Mar. 20, 2015

(Sic)"...Testimony from journalists and government officials suggest that in addition to describing Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's hand in protecting the perpetrators of a 1994 Buenos Aires terrorist attack, Nisman was also working to blow the lid off the workings of Iran's terrorist organization in Latin America.

Nisman's decade of work on the subject pointed to Iran.
And according to the testimonies, it appears Nisman was working to blow the lid off the entire workings of Iran's terrorist organization in Latin America."