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Thread: Parents refuse to put gender of baby on documents

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    Default Re: Parents refuse to put gender of baby on documents

    what is this nonsense

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    Default Re: Parents refuse to put gender of baby on documents

    People in 'the modern world' use religion to hide their own homophobia, and put the responsibility on a book or God (allowing them to think with an ancient mindset which is no different from how much of the Muslim world think and ACT on). The Bible also says a lot about love, but people can dumbly pretend they don't know what love is (to hide that they have no interest in what love is), and again, to hide that lack of understanding or of a hollow self that has become dead, they put the responsibility on God as being Loving (rather than God is Love and all expression of Love is communion with God because God is Love, God is in the Love we allow to exist towards ourselves and towards others).
    Pretty slick tactic... labeling people that believe homosexuality as being spiritually wrong as "homophobes" ..... I am not AFRAID of homosexuals.... (definition of phobia)....

    I am against the movement to legitimize, or normalize homosexuality. It is a perversion, or a twisting of the natural, God-ordained order of things, and should not be accepted as "normal". It does NOT mean that homosexuals should be stoned to death, or be denied basic human rights.... nor should we, as Christians shun them, any more than we should shun any other repentant sinner.

    If you carry your "if it feels good, do it" mentality a little further, have you heard of the "man/boy love" movement? (google nambla) Here is a belief system that is purportedly based on "love", saying that sexual relations between grown men and boys is natural and loving.

    Do you also recommend that we, as Christians, accept that?

    In your haste to be a "modern" person, you seem to have lost any grasp of what God ordained, and how He told us to live our lives..... I believe there was a city "back in the day" that had lost that concept as well.... I think it was called Sodom....
    No man is really saved unless he is in his heart obedient to Christ. C.H. Spurgeon

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    Default Re: Parents refuse to put gender of baby on documents

    There is a man and there is a woman. This is biologically proven and obvious. Mentally it does not matter what people think it is. The pangendered can say there is 101 genders. There is two genders. If you dont agree that there are two genders, or are confused about your own gender, that is something in your head. There is no biological connection to it. This is purely a mental disorder. This is a clear definition is dis order means taken out of order from the systematic norm which is your natural biological or mental state. This is why medically is deemed a mental illness and changed politically. Psychologists know these people are not 3 mixed different genders but they are not allowed to say anything.

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