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Thread: Liberals still can not accept Brexit result. Another march.

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    Default Liberals still can not accept Brexit result. Another march.

    Yes another march byLiberals who think that they are right and everyone else should now do what they want, further they are telling us all people who voted to exit the EU made a mistake and do not know what they were taking about.

    Talk about a broken record. We are exiting, good thing to. time to just shut up and let us get on with it, but then I suppose they do not understand what loosing is and hope they can still win, even when the whistle has blown for full time.

    Anti-Brexit marchers rally in Parliament Square - BBC News
    Thousands of protesters in favour of the UK staying in the European Union have marched in Westminster.

    The People's March for Europe took a route through central London before a rally in Parliament Square.

    Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable said there were a growing number of people worried about Brexit's impact.

    The march comes ahead of MPs voting on Monday on a bill to overturn the act that took the UK into the EU and end the supremacy of EU law in the UK.

    Remainers - many dressed in blue and yellow outfits and draped in EU flags - amassed outside Parliament on Saturday afternoon.

    Many carried "Exit from Brexit" placards or wore "Remoaner Till I Die" t-shirts.

    Former Liberal Democrat cabinet minister Sir Ed Davey told the crowd he had "gone from anger to distress, from fury to despair.

    "Since the Brexit negotiations begun there's a third emotion I've been feeling - embarrassment.

    "Embarrassment at our country's leaders. Embarrassment for Great Britain."

    One marcher, wearing a blue beret emblazoned with yellow stars told the BBC she had joined the rally because she felt: "Totally violated by the idea of Brexiting.

    "I've lived, worked and loved in Europe for years. My whole existence has been a European existence," she said.

    "My husband has a business in Europe. We worked for years to build this up. What's going to happen to that?"

    Tin ear' government

    One man, holding a home-made placard, said. "I don't believe people really knew what they were voting for.

    "Since (the referendum) I've felt more and more frustrated. Those people who led the campaign to leave didn't really have a clue what they were intending to do.

    "We keep being told those who voted to Remain have largely changed their minds but I don't believe that at all."

    One woman added she was there "to stand up against the awful right-wing agenda Brexit is bringing to our country".

    Sir Vince told the BBC growing numbers of people wanted the UK to keep its links with the European Union and this was the beginning of a "loud and powerful" movement.

    "They (the government) are not listening - they've got tin ear," he said.
    'Exit from Brexit'

    "They're making a complete mess of these negotiations - totally disunited, dysfunctional, a lack of preparation.

    "Even if you believe in Brexit you must be in despair at the way they're approaching these negotiations."

    He said the Lib Dems would working with other MPs towards another vote - on an "exit from Brexit".

    He said the European project; the customs union; the single market; combined research and a common approach on the environment all "mattered" to Britain.

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    Default Re: Liberals still can not accept Brexit result. Another march.

    I don't even know what brexit is
    We're all Negan

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    Default Re: Liberals still can not accept Brexit result. Another march.

    Quote Originally Posted by Agricola View Post
    One woman added she was there "to stand up against the awful right-wing agenda Brexit is bringing to our country".
    Those who wanted to exit the EU did it to escape the terrible left wing agenda. But the blindness of the left refuses to acknowledge that there is anything wrong with allowing outsiders to control your country. In fact, you don't really have a country under such conditions. The leftists just pretend everyone but them is ignorant of the facts.
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