Really sad story. He made a popular album in the early 1990s and I hadn't heard much about him for a long time. He passed away yesterday, apparently of congestive heart failure, at the age of 47. Somehow in his journey into becoming a fervent lover of Jesus, he fell into a pseudo-Christian doomsday cult led by a man who was recently arrested for slew of charges, from burglary to sexual assault. Among the cult's beliefs were to avoid doctors, for which Mack did, and as his illness worsened he phoned his old rapper friends and let them know what was happening, said he didn't expect to live much longer, and bade them farewell. former female members stated they were raped by the "prophet" who ran the compound. Mack put out a recent rap song which he spoke of his faith and referred to this "prophet" Here is rapper Erick Sermon speaking of Mack's contacting him in the months before his death: