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Thread: Disease Attacking Dentists

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    Default Disease Attacking Dentists

    When I asked my dentist why she chose to be a dentist, she answered "better working hours than doctors". There may be a price to pay for better working hours.

    CDC - Dentists are dying from a lung disease

    I pray that the measures put in place to prevent this disease from taking future victims will work.
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    Default Re: Disease Attacking Dentists

    That is interesting (and tragic), Billy, thank you for sharing

    I have been told too, that dentists have a very high rate of suicide in their profession compared to other professions. I have spoken to my dentist and dental hygienist about this, because I was curious as to why. They told me it is because people hate dentists So I make sure my that my dentist and my dental hygienist both know that I love them, and I do not hold it against them that they sometimes cause me physical pain when they are trying to help me. I really do care for them! It is always a pleasure to go see them

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