"Good morning little chipmunk, how are you my friend?"
"What's that you say? Make way? Cuz the Lord's coming in?"
"Because He knows I need Him, and He heard my prayer?"
"Aww, I see you little turtle, peep your head out over there!"
"Is that why the doves,...dance in their flight?"
" For the band of God's angels are coming in light?"
"Oh, Hi little robin! Haven't seen you around."
"Do you tidy the nest, for the Lord's coming down?"
" Well, I'll help you too! For my love never ends!"
For God loves His children, and our forests of friends."
"So squirrel shake your tails,...your excitement is clear!"
"For the King of all Kings...precious Jesus is here!"

(My heart called me to write a cutey...lol) God bless everyone! I love you!