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Thread: He Does Not Give Up For The Hope Of Love

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    Default He Does Not Give Up For The Hope Of Love

    I see the blade of grass
    I pray
    Oh Lord
    I haven't time
    In my life
    To thank every
    Beauty divine!
    That is when the Lord whispers...
    Every beauty divine!
    Will come
    With the Lord strong
    Your love strength will divine
    Every man to hold strong!
    For life is so long
    To let Jesus Devine
    Is a message
    Hold on!
    Evil will pay in good time!

    PM me sad hearts
    For ur strenght is mine....
    The love you

    Be strong people's
    U hear the woodpecker now
    He is excited
    These in spring. ..

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    Default Re: He Does Not Give Up For The Hope Of Love

    This is spring!
    I am so happy about it !

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