Random poem... gets cheesey at the end...

"Her cue to cry"

She lost him not so long ago,
even though he died about a year ago.
Because in her home, she could remember him.
But when she moved out, her memory quit.
Now she remembers the thought of him,
but she cannot see the life she built with him.
And so she cries, trying to recall good times,
but without those cues, she cannot find.
And so she gets angry at her new estate.
A smaller place that she's come to hate.
And as for friends, she has a few that are new.
But as for those they shared together, they are gone, too.
For they turned their backs on the squeaking wheel,
though she's extra support to their family meals.
And so she's lost more than her man recently.
She lost her neighborhood, and community.
But thanks to God and a couple of support.
She's not alone, floundering with two unwanted worlds to sort.
Instead she's got them, and they count her in on a number of meals.
She shares, and they listen, and the concern is "for real...z"
So, while unwanted, and unthinkable, the woman keeps living.
Her new world is a hard one, but she thanks for how God's giving.
And so as I see this, as a witness of chance.
I am compelled to mourn with her, and to ask her to dance.
For there is a time to stay solemn, to be still in deep pause...
but then there's a time to move on, to copy Christ's Cause.
And that's to meet people grieving, and to help them in one's pain.
... to encourage a questioner... to trust in God's Reign.
For all people will fail, with intention or time,
but God's Intention to Love... is Everlasting, Sublime.