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Thread: This is where...

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    Default This is where...

    A young man had the strangest dream
    He saw the end of the longest road
    He came upon the strangest scene
    Three bearded men and they were old
    He asked them, “Sirs what is this place?”
    “And why do you stand in this plain?”
    Their wrinkled faces each lit up
    One had a smile, two stretched with pain

    The first man turned and bowed his head
    “Young man, prepare to hear my tale.”
    My time has come soon I’ll be dead
    And after all I’ve tried, I’ve failed”
    “My trust was in my deeds, my son
    Obey, do well and I’ll be fine
    Alas now all is said and done
    “See this is where my saviour lies”
    He pointed to an earthen mound
    His sadness felt with every sigh
    He spoke, his voice a mourning sound
    “Sir, this is where my saviour lies”.

    The second man began to weep
    “I was a merchant in the west”
    I worshiped when I could, you see
    I saved a fortune, loved the best
    I really thought my wealth would lend
    A comfort from the storms of life
    Security beyond the end
    I could not even keep my wife
    And then the bank called in its loans
    The market crashed I nearly died
    And now I stand here all alone
    And this is where my saviour lies

    The young man said, “Oh my heart bleeds’
    Your stories truly tales of woe”
    Its seems you both have missed your need
    I’m not sure what that is you know”
    Your troubles hurt the heart, it’s true
    There’s one thing though that puzzles me
    The graves you show are only two
    Yet here you stand as men all three

    The third man turned and gently smiled
    “I’m not proud of my life my friend”
    The things I stole, the many lies
    My wickedness it had to end
    Then someone said, “Friend, come and see.”
    He told me of a loving Lord
    His life a ransom paid for me
    For treasures I could not afford
    Such love I can’t conceive, but still
    I put my faith in Christ that day
    See that small tomb, beyond that hill
    Well that was where my Saviour lay

    The young man stood his mind awash
    With great regrets and shattered dreams
    He tried to speak so this would pass
    But still the thoughts came flooding in
    He saw that through the storms life sends
    And when at deaths door he would stand
    All other things would fail him then
    His only hope the Saviours hand
    “But sir”, he asked the smiling man
    “You said that’s where your Saviour lay?”
    They’ve moved his body from this land?
    Then tell me where it is today?
    The old man smiled and touched his breast
    “My saviour lives He rose again”
    I pray that He will give you rest
    From all your labours and your chains”

    The man awoke and sat in bed
    Soft sunlight filtered through the drapes
    These conversations in his head
    Aware of his most hopeless state
    He fell upon his knees that day
    And sobbed as he poured out his heart
    “Forgive me Lord he softly prayed.”
    I don’t deserve another start
    For Lord I’ve trusted in myself
    I looked with eyes yet did not see
    I didn’t know my only help
    Was standing here in front of me
    He stood his hand upon his breast
    His tears still streaming, eyes ablaze
    “I know my saviour lives oh yes
    For this is where my Saviour stays”

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    Default Re: This is where...

    You seem to write with such ease... like Blue was saying, wish i could write, paint or cook better! It takes me yrs to write a few lines ha2. And i also wish i had time to read more, but time's up.
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    Default Re: This is where...

    I love this one!
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    Php 3:7 But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.

    Php 3:8 Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,