To speak on a platform
in sin and in pain
but guided by faith
and grace that I gain
I try in humility...
to speak about love
of its purest form
from the source up above
to who in the end
will conquer the grave
only Jesus Christ
The messiah to Save
To look unto Judgement
in time where to go
in this critical moment
this hour will it show
a progression in life
showing mercy on potential
for where in the mystery
is justice essential
But through parting waters
with the promise that guides
and with closing waters
as fast as it divides
A narrow path is true
that leads to righteous life
and wide is the path
continuing with strife
the standard of living
until gazing upon the Lord
will change like the waters
and break upon the shore
so who may follow a trend
and who may follow a feeling
that is fleeting like the wind
and feels like its stealing
the truth from a glimpse
of grace that is living
when the lord is the source
of that which is giving
there is only Jesus
of whom can truly Judge
i havn't that authority
not even a smudge
I can see it to be ominous
the thought of following christ
for the peace of god is vulnerable
and is intollerable to feist
But through the love for God
you will have nothing to fear
so i hope this comforts some
and have a happy new year.