Morning In Memories

With the extinguishing
Of the morning stars
Colors spring to life
Upon the earth and joy
Soon follows with the sun
Rising over the mountains
Bringing the light of love
Across another day.
Children laughing, ready
To find joy in another
Day as doors slam, dogs
Bark chasing them and
Life seems so pure and
Sweet and flowers burst
Open in the morning mist.
It seems like those days
Are gone and yet upon
Reflection, they're just
Beginning after putting
Away thoughts of unfinished
Lines, some things just stay
That way, leave all broken
Memories behind, can't
Change the words after
They've been spoken anyway
This is the day to absorb
The life I have, the time
When all the world's so
Sweet and as I walk through
The park with all my words
A flower proves there's
Always time to wrap my eyes
Around beauty and serenity.