A little negativity is just enough to
make you doubt,
From strength to weakness
is like falling through the clouds
If you were to build up your
confidence and hear a little
If you took it to heart,
the confidence you once had.
would start to fall apart.
We can do more than we think
we can do is encouragement
and truth,
Positivity at it's best
but "it's too hard" is enough negativity to
make us turn and walk home.
Yet if you think, now where
did that last confidence go?
Sometimes we'll go 99% of the way
but by the time it gets serious:
that last lap,
Where everyone is right next to you
We'll tell ourselves, "there's not enough time"
"I didn't prepare long enough," or
Even the words, "I'm tired" can be negativity.
Yet positivity makes condence grow to the point
that you will not doubt yourself.
We may be weak but there there still strength left in us
Have God to strengthen us even more ...
God made us to be leaders..."leaders of ourselves...learning the greatest leader.... Jesus Himself.
It is written our flesh is weak but our Spirit is willing....
there is a strength within us...
it is God...
and He is more than willing to help us...
He sees what we need