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Thread: The forgotten Name

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    Default The forgotten Name

    Tick tock tick tock
    the clock struck midnight
    My eyeball still dancing with smug
    Couldnt close the eyes with peace
    The heart got damaged because of worried
    And my soul just hanging in there
    Soo empty, soo cold my inside to be
    Like a horor music give the sound when i have a good dream
    Hope already gone!
    Where is?
    Are u sleep inside blanket?
    Hope already missing!
    Are u hide on my heart?
    Hope already lost!
    Like a crazy people i looking my hope
    And found my self without any energy
    Iam quiet...
    Iam death...
    flashed a name in mind lifeless
    A name when i always heard on sunday school
    a name that was never spoken again
    Is Jesus...
    with my remaining strength, I call Jesus name
    And miracle happend....

    (sametime the problems need to be here on our life to remain us about Jesus, a nice person who always waiting us stop our routine for say hello to Him)
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    Default Re: The forgotten Name

    Hope this ok, reminded of a song

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    Default Re: The forgotten Name

    Hi BeyondET, Offcourse thats ok... Iam glad my poem can vless ur day... Nice to know u here. Anyway iam enjoyed thats song too, yeah ur right the song its matching with the poem
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