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Christian Poems & Poetry

Inspired poet? Share your inspirations here! :)


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    GOD IS GRACIOUS!! I have been offered job for next year!!!!!

    OMGraciousGod it is thanks to You God, to you all, to all your support, to all your prayers, to you being here!! I am crying now of relief and gratefulness! It is as if they've taken a big evil out of my head now, the LORD did it!

    OMG I am so grateful to all of you!! I can't even tell!!

    I would love to hug you all now and the globe is so big but I have the consolation that we will all meet in Heaven, where we will keep on discussing so beautifully about the details of what it means to be a Christian, what the Scriptures really mean, the differences between our denominations, how we quarrel and it is all out of love of God, of Love of each other, of companionship, of the joy of being saved in the promised green pastures, the purest joy of discussing the Scripture. I can see us meeting there already so beautiful, from so many different countries, very bright, very wise and beautiful, while Jesus listens to all we have to tell being very amused, and the Holy Spirit inspiring us to Love Him even more.

    I am a good cook please excuse the cockiness. When we meet up there in Heaven please let me cook a big big cake for you. Like my wedding cake, which was covered in fine sweet meringe and filled up with strawberry and mango jam. It also had a little bit of chocolate on top, not much.

    Please let me cook for you another of my specialities, a chocolate cake (made with soy milk) which is filled with hot very spicy liquid chocolate and covered in more chocolate and chocolate chips on top, with details in white chocolate. This one is eaten warm with vanilla ice-cream, it is really tough stuff!!

    I have silicone moulds so I will make nice figures with the cakes for you I specially like one that I have that is the shape of St. Nicholas very nice for Christmas!

    Please believe me that you've saved me these days and I mean literally, I will not lie. Your company kept me awake. You are God sent. I will love to meet you someday, and we will all talk together with Tolkien, Chesterton, Lewis, so many amazing and fun authors, the Saints, all the beautiful people.

    Being a Christian is cool! Being a Christian is top!! Being a Christian ROCKS!!!

    I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 YOU

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    Sorry, I didn't see your prayer post, but that's wonderful! Good for you!
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    The entity behind many usernames. Loyal to none.

    My top 3 favorite quotes on this site:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ugly View Post
    From teen surfing to Hitler. Quite a leap. And you want her son to be a vibrant, joyful woman?

    Quote Originally Posted by wwjd_kilden View Post
    I think we should rename the BDF to the "If you disagree with me you are not only unsaved but you are siding with people trying to blow up the world" - forum
    Quote Originally Posted by EarnestQ View Post
    I hate it when some 15 year old girl trolls my very serious important thread. lol


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