Oh Lord, thou hast blest me,
From my iniquity and sin
you did save me.

Oh Lord, thy mercy and grace,
is sufficent for me, for thou art with me,
the gifts and talents you bestowed upon me,
are abundant as the love you have for me.

Oh Lord, do I give thanks,
For for came to me,
and saved me,
from the valley of the shadow of death,
you released me,

Oh Lord, Thy provisions are sufficent for me,
My iniquity gone, and sins under the blood,
I cannot express the words of gratitude,
I have for thee.

Oh Lord, let thy works praise thee,
let the world know you are Lord,
and because of you,
I have things of value, the world cannot offer.

Oh Lord, you gave me wisdom,
you gave me character, and virtue,
You gave me, patience and a work ethic like no other.

Oh Lord, you taught me to sing, and praise thy name,
You gave me humillity, and integrety,
You gave me, desire and passion for your work,

Oh Lord, though has taught me to walk in thy ways.
You gave me a gift in photography, and cooking,
A desire to serve, and to preach.

Oh Lord, I have seen the gifts and tallents,
that you have bestowed upon me, and I say
thank you O Lord, For I learned a valuable lesson.

Oh Lord, You taught me, how creative you are
to make all things work together for good to them
that love you and are called according to your purpose,

Oh Lord, You taught me the value of a hard days work,
and the satisfaction of accomplishing something of value.
You taught me, to look at all things through your eyes.

Oh Lord, you taught me with a right heart,
just what a man is capable of,
especially when he walks in your Spirit.

Oh Lord, You taught me, when your all I want,
You are all I need.
You taught me, you know whats best,
and Lord, I understand this one thing best.

Oh Lord, When you say the world can't contain the books
your works are written in. It's because those books,
are the works you have done in the lives of every individual
that ever existed on this earth.