Jesus your so sweet
Your name taste like honey
Puts me back on my feet
When im falling down
You wake me quick from my sleep
When im close to a cliff
Your hands comes and it leaps
My heart is filled with your joy
To even care for me im small as a toy
Your name is peace and love
My lord i love you your bright as the sun
Your love radiates im seen as a son
I give you honor and praise
For always saving the day
From the begining of time
Everyday everyway
When you died on the cross
You saved the astray
You save us so many
My lord i love you all day
Im sorry for pain
You had to go through
One thing i can say forever ill worship you
Praise will be always on my lips
And ill always honor you
My love for you will never fade
As your love for me is forever laid
Im grateful for all
Cant wait till the day i see you so tall
Ill give you a hug
And never let go
Thank you my lord
For never letting go
I Love you jesus ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡