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Thread: Wayward Pilgrim

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    Default Wayward Pilgrim

    The Spirit resides in a cluttered mind
    Within the hungry heart of yesterdays
    Disillusioned dreams that followed
    Old poets and prophets lost in a world
    Where they could not find the words
    Within the wilted flowers of days gone by.
    Making promises they could not keep,
    Road blocks to heavens gate, they tried
    To climb the roads and knew the words
    But not the tunes as joy was a long ago
    Figment on someone else's songs that
    Didn't fit the journey they were on and
    Couldn't find the map to the place they
    Were going. Waking up in an old cabin
    A light came from nowhere a word from
    Somewhere that emblazoned their mind
    That led them to find the elusive mystery
    Of the Lord they once knew, dream come true.

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