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Thread: Why Worry

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    Default Why Worry

    Lord why do i worry
    why do i stress
    if the the thoughts you have for me are the best
    how by the way i worry
    add to the time i live every sec
    if i worry the present moment will just get left
    anxious thoughts feelings clouded
    all a disillusion deceptions crowded
    but as i think on your name
    the peace overcomes
    why cant i focus when the stress overruns
    maybe bcuz i still rely on myself
    on and off like im the one who can help
    ima let it go to the one who made the sky
    and when it returns remember your always by my side
    whether i stay or go you already got the plans of life
    so ill let worry go and give it to your hand
    and exchange for peace and your word will i stand
    focus on wisdom and knowledge i see
    focus on your will father God ill be
    instead of myself that's self focus
    i got to remember where i put my focus
    for if i am dead i belong to you
    so i been bought and this temple belongs to you
    so when worry returns ill stop it at the door
    tell it talk to Jesus for he is the chief of this floor
    the house and the church the earth and the heaven
    ill let worry go to the throne
    talk to my lord everyday on the phone
    tell him one day ill be back to my Home
    focus on faith and focus on hope
    as they laugh on doubt and say worrys a joke
    i love you Jesus your are my hope
    your are my faith
    there power in the name and theres no greater name
    so i will pray when worry tries to overtake
    and Remember this Jesus got everything right in place

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    Default Re: Why Worry

    Wonderful prayer poem!

    Speaks to my situation now as well, to leave everything over unto Jesus Christ. And to fix my focus on Him, as nothing and no one else can ever compare to His great love for me! Amen! Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!
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