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Thread: In The Darkness Of Night

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    Default In The Darkness Of Night

    Though the sky is black as night
    No thoughts yet of the early light
    There is a joy in pleasant dreaming,
    No hidden shadows closely streaming.
    Yet in the closing of an eye there is a light,
    Shining pure, shining bright.
    An angel from heaven was placed
    My light in darkness, her precious face
    Though all may be black as black may be,
    My light is glowing, glowing for me
    Morning without warning is lingering on
    The other side of the mountain,
    Waiting to pounce on this precious earth.
    God's timing is perfect, it always is; just
    As the well tuned harps of the angels
    Are in rhythm with a waiting soul.

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    Default Re: In The Darkness Of Night

    Really like the way this one is written, except for viewing the angel in "she-form", since there are no female angels. Or else I really love how the poem is written, and it has a very nice sound to it.
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