All you souls who are weary
Lay all your burdens that makes you teary
On your beloved Saviour.

All you who are tempted
While battling through spiritual wars
Beware of being demented
By your spiritual adversaries' scars
Open your ears to your Saviour's encouraging voice
Your ultimate rock, upon whom your heart rejoice!

All you who are in the blues
When you're left waiting without a clue
Remember, it's only a few
Who patiently wait on Him with a hope unlike the dew
Wait and trust in your Shepherd
Even when your emotions and frustrations swing you like dirt.

All you who are in the vortex of confusion
Let all your steps be ordered by the Lord— look, a transition!
Of your mind, body and souls as set you into a child of light and vision.

Let your infirmities
Make you lean on Him more
For it is His goodness and hope that keeps you afloat on the shore!