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Thread: Stewarts final poem (you're gonna make it)

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    Default Stewarts final poem (you're gonna make it)

    Stewarts final poem

    This will be my final poem on C.C..and I have a message for "YOU"
    This is a personal word i felt inspired to send..something I just had to do
    God knows you are reading this poem and he knows everything about your life
    He knows what you did yesterday..he knows you want you life to turn out right
    He knows what worries you have,your concerns..our dreams and your past
    Life has taught you about Many things,and you realise that somethings never last

    God knows your heartaches,he knows about your family situations,he knows it all
    I pray you here is voice behind these words,if you pray..he will hear your call
    He knows what you want.He knows what you struggle with.He knows your sins
    Your needs are general,some are personal,some are deeply private things
    God is letting you know that he knows them all and has compassion on you
    And you can trust him to sort out your life.The words of this poem describe "YOU!"

    God knows you need his guidance and you can trust him to lead you the right way
    Yet he gives you the responsibility to choose to follow his leading,you have a part to play!
    You don't know when you will die,you don't know what the future will be
    God wants you to know he will be with you till the end of time.That's a certainty!
    He is close to you even now and something's you just don't understand about your life
    Yet you can trust in his love for you.He's in control and where there's darkness..he Is the light

    Stay close to him and never let go.He loves you and is truly committed to see you through
    As you read these words it is YOU and only YOU he is wanting to speak too
    He is using me to let you know 'YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT '..just follow him
    He knows what's going on in your life and he knows how you feel.He knows everything
    Gods plans for you goes beyond this life,for his son is returning and time is short
    He has a place for you in heaven,and he wants you there in his heavenly courts.

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    Default Re: Stewarts final poem (you're gonna make it)

    Stewart thank you for such a deeply connecting poem, it was as if you read my heart and God gave you the words the speak for each and every situation, I truly am going to miss you my friend and wherever God leads you in life I know he will continue to use you and bless you as you keep making a difference in peoples lives and hearts. I hate good byes but know that they are only temporary because one day we will see each other again in that special place and share the stories of our epic adventures that God walked with us
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    My life's testimony seems to have helped many people so I am going to put it here

    When the hearts of God and a child of his make that special intimate connection a wondrous power is born and a flame ignites that can never be put out

    Jesus knew more than anyone of us-Love hurts

    The strongest among you may not wear a crown

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    Default Re: Stewarts final poem (you're gonna make it)

    Hi brother thank you for you kind words.God knows who needs to hear this very personal heart felt message from him..and I since that whoever reads it will Know it is Gods voice behind the words.May they be deeply touched and blessed by God to find hope and strength to carry on....and the good thing about these posts..they stay there for ages so anyone can read it at any time.

    yes I will miss this forum and god will give me the strength to carry on and if he prompts me to return I will naturally be contacting you again
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