To the child of light By Alyssa Blackburn/Hagans©

To the child all alone tonight,
I will hold you to take away the fright,

To the teenager drinking the booze,
I will show you what you will lose,

To the lost souls that cry,
The ones that often ask why,

I will comfort you with my light,
I will be there throughout the night,

To the ones who lost someone they love so dear,
I am with them do not you fear,

To the youngsters with the smile,
I will walk with you , your longest mile,

To the Widow alone and sad,
I understand you hurt and feel so mad,

To the cutter who bleeds to feel,
Take my hand so that you may heal,

To the abuser of them all,
I will be there when you call,

To the druggie who tries to mend the pain,
Take a walk with me in the rain,

To the lost and weary heart,
I can give you a fresh start,

My love for you is more than real,
I can show you new ways to feel,

Let me in to mend the pain,
Let me be your guiding cane,

Let me shine down in your life,
Let me have your hate and strife,

Let me make your heart a new one ,
You will shine when I am done,

Just open your heart to me,
I am waiting for you don't you see,

We can go at your own pace,
This my child is no race,

I am your father and your friend,
So call me and your broken heart I shall mend.