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Thread: Faith In Dispiriting Times by Owotumi Joe

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    Default Faith In Dispiriting Times by Owotumi Joe

    In these dispiriting times,
    I try to hold on to hope
    but it eludes me like a slippery fish
    Drenched in the rain of regrets
    Swallowed up in the quagmire
    of bad decisions
    Constrained by my past
    No one is loving, kind and non-judgemental.

    Reality unveils its face
    Nightmares strangle dreams
    I have begun to enjoy
    the coziness of inadequacy
    I am no fatalist but
    high expectations are now dwarfed.

    In the fuzziness of life
    I search for purpose and meaning,
    seeking frantically to no avail.
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    Books, my escape
    from the banality of my life
    I journey into the world of authors
    I find solace
    Ephemeral, short-lived
    Disappears after turning the last page.

    There will be better days
    I divest myself of pessimism
    Faith in God my antidote for hopelessness
    I pray for the rainbow in my cloudy sky.
    A timely miracle thrust into my life
    as I walk on dry land
    flanked on both sides by the red sea.
    Giving up is no option
    I'll fight tirelessly till the very end
    screaming Veni, Vidi, Vici
    when I claim the prize.

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    Default Re: Faith In Dispiriting Times by Owotumi Joe

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