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Thread: Oh Light Divine

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    Default Oh Light Divine

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
    He created man in His image forever in his birth.
    The birds sing in heavenly trees
    Along with the buzzing bees,
    "What a beautiful sight to see
    All of Eden with such luxury."
    Tis not honor do
    To His perfect eye he construes
    The Stars that sparkle in the light
    Radiating the Lord's magnificent might
    How long we wait for thee oh king
    To be ever present in your heavenly ring.
    Heaven sits with perfect attire
    Well dressed by him whom never expire,
    All angels sing praise the God of Love
    Which fails or fades from His above,
    Longing to meet Thee on the eternal plain
    Forever and ever my life will remain
    In perfect bliss nothin more will be needed
    Every tear from ever eye will forever be depleted.

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    Default Re: Oh Light Divine

    I really like this poem, you use rhymes like I do. it goes right to the heart

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