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Thread: Christmas in the Trenches

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    Default Christmas in the Trenches

    Dear Jesus it's almost Christmas time again,
    Another year has come and gone,
    Time for Friends and Family, with hope and good cheer.

    Jesus, I don't know what to say,
    I am perplexed on every side,
    My situation is hopeless,
    I hope I'm the one run over by a reindeer,
    walking home Christmas eve this year.

    The debts pile up, I'm unemployed,
    and to make matters worse,
    I think being homeless may be an asset.

    Brothers ignore me,
    parents want nothing to do with me,
    I'm pretty sure the folks at church,
    only put up with me.

    To be honest, I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel,
    I am convinced it belongs to the oncoming train.

    I know you are with me, I hope you are, I can not tell.
    I have done all I can,
    I've dealt with the situation to the best of my abilities,
    Dear God have mercy on me,
    And have me assassinated.

    I have discovered the true meaning of Irony,
    When the government says rapid reinstatement,
    and takes 6 months or more to accomplish.
    Tis so funny, it's actually rather sad.

    So in Celebration of the season this year,
    Here is the plan,
    Batten down the hatches,
    Tis another Christmas in the trenches.
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    Default Re: Christmas in the Trenches

    This is so powerful. I like the description of being in war, batten down the hatches. but please know that Christ will hear and help you, at a time you are unaware, I, too am going thru hard time, with tax season coming upon me

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