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Thread: XVIII

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    Default XVIII

    He said "Do not fear
    I am always near"
    Why does it seem
    I've lost His gleem
    It's hard to bear
    His crown I no longer wear
    My dream appeared
    Seems it disappeared
    They all look
    But it's just in a book
    Why all the strife
    Just look at my life
    Thinking I got a wife
    Does she have a knife
    Do I hear it
    Her taking away my spirit
    I try to stand tall
    And tell all
    They think I'm crazy
    He says they're hazy
    Behind this cloud
    I wear my shroud
    And if you ask
    I just may
    Take off my mask
    Though it's such a task

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    Default Re: XVIII

    That poem tells a little story that I followed line by line. You have a great talent, all glory to God through this. God be with you
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