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Thread: Youre Defeated

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    Default Youre Defeated

    You talk to me
    You lure me in
    Your drawl and deep voice
    Your lopsided grin

    The words you declare are full of promise
    You speak of my Father with sure knowledge
    You being a Godly man
    Wanting to be my friend and hold my hand

    You say you dont want to hurt me or break my heart
    That you care, you love me, told me from the start
    You talked me into giving up wordly ways
    We prayed every morning and evening giving God the Praise

    Months pass and youve stood by as Ive survived through trial
    Faith and trust in my Lord with no denial
    Now when you see that I have leaned in
    That my Jesus loves me and saves me again

    Satan, you are defeated
    Your lies will not win
    You were very cunning trying to reel me in

    Your use of another, a child of God
    It was tricky indeed
    To break my spirit, my heart, so my Shepherd Id leave

    I will tell you this ol' angel of "light"
    My Redeemer is nothing other than Power and Might
    In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you tonight
    Is your Jesus light shining?

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