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Thread: You Said You Loved Me

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    Default You Said You Loved Me

    You Said You Loved Me

    You said you loved me
    And would never depart
    You said that you cared
    And would always be there
    You said you loved me
    But then you were gone
    And I knew you had lied
    All I could do was cry

    Satan you used me
    Tore my life all apart
    You left my heart empty
    Your plan from the start
    You said you loved me
    But that was a lie
    You said you were sorry
    Our love could not die

    Now I don't need you
    Don't knock on my door
    There's another who's true
    I don't want you anymore
    You can not imagine
    What my new love has for me
    I have hope through His promise
    And a home for eternity.

    Written March 2006. Given by the Spirit to be shared with all but claimed by none. All praise and glory belong to Him.

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    Default Re: You Said You Loved Me

    Wow, encouraging words. Amen.
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    Default Re: You Said You Loved Me

    Amen .. !!

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