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Thread: Keeper of the Dream

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    Default Keeper of the Dream

    Keeper of the Dream

    The Dream has always been
    To die and to live again
    But to see beyond Death's portal
    Had not been granted to any mortal

    One came and spoke of the Dream
    A King would be born it seemed
    The giver of salvation and life
    Taking from the world all hate and strife

    Men lived and men died
    Many said at last he lied
    The King would never come
    The Dream had died for some

    Then one night so long ago
    Shepherds gathered in a barn below
    Not a place for the King to be
    The One who holds eternity

    A child was born that distant night
    A star above had shown its light
    They called his name Emmanuel
    God among us they would tell

    Time moved on and a man he was
    Teaching all of God's great love
    Telling men about the Dream
    Beyond Death's door that none had seen

    He said he was God's only son
    And spoke of things that some had done
    Surely that was a wicked lie
    And for this he ought to die

    So on a cross they nailed God's son
    Many said, He's not the one
    The things He told us of the Dream
    Were lies and didn't mean a thing

    The nights and days soon were three
    From Death's firm bond Himself was free
    He walked again in the morning sun
    And proved to them He was the one

    Again He spoke of things to be
    No more pain for you and me
    From our labors we will rest
    For those of us who pass the test

    He left the earth for Heaven above
    Having shown his endless love
    Remember me and all I say
    I will return for you one day

    Until I come do not forget
    To love each other as I have said
    And be a Keeper of the Dream
    And be a Keeper of the Dream

    Written November 2005

    Given by the Spirit to be shared with all but claimed by none. All praise and glory belong to him.

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    Default Re: Keeper of the Dream

    Beautifully written, TY...
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    Default Re: Keeper of the Dream

    Great poem!
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