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Thread: The Passing

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    Default The Passing

    The Passing

    A voice so softly whispered
    Come to me child, come
    Hearing but not wanting
    I sat on the edge of her bed

    Slowly her hand reached out
    Knowing no touch could be
    All my life her one wish was
    Only to touch my cheek

    Breathing deeply she softly sighed
    Her hand fell to the bed
    I moved so very close to her
    To hear the words she said

    Always love our creator, child
    And never let anger rule
    Follow only the path of Truth
    Remember whose child you are

    My trembling hands lifted her arm
    And held her fingers to my cheek
    It was more than I could truly bear
    But for her I must endure

    A smile upon her thin, aged lips
    Slowly she withdrew her hand
    Again she breathed so very deep
    And I felt her gaze upon me

    Our eyes met but for a moment
    Then she closed her own forever
    Many things I may forget
    But my Grandma I'll always remember

    Written 2005

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    Default Re: The Passing

    AWESOME, PRECIOUS, poem...TY for sharing...had to grab a kleenex,

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