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Thread: There is still time

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    Default There is still time

    There is time to do things...but will we?
    There is time to say things..,but will they be said despairing needing to be so much?
    There is time to make memories...but what kind will they be? Happy? Sad? This room?
    But there is still time.
    God is not mocked, whatever a man sows that he shall also reap.
    We aren't out of breath yet, God hasn't taken us home, Jesus hasn't come for His bride yet.
    There is still time. There is still time....
    But beware. Because for what we consider a century God considers
    So heart of mine please turn to the Lord while there is still time.
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    Default Re: There is still time

    The sounding of His trumpets draws closer everyday. Now is the time to call on Him and pray.

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