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Thread: loosing my poet touch

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    Default loosing my poet touch

    I have a problem. I haven't been so good with my writing lately. I used to write beautiful poetry praising the Lord for his love and the beauty of nature. I started writing stories, and most of my stories were fantasy, many had dragons and some bondage in them, some were romances, but they were lustful, some had magic in them. I tried to put God in my stories, but I learned my lesson and gave up dragons, bondage and magic, but I try to write Christian fantasy. I have battles between good and evil, but not much violence or action. Some of my stories are boring, there more for girls than boys. i try writing poetry again, but I am not good at it. I also am a visual artist, i draw and paint, try to draw people from my stories. In my stories i have a lot of princesses and royal families, but they don't have a lot of the formal etiquette protocol nonsense that royal families have in reality. I like to put unicorns and fairies in them. I like romance, but only Christian romance, not lust or anything sinful, the Lord saved me from my sins, I repented. I have some royal balls, like a party with dancing and food, the people dress up fancy, I was thinking about writing a 'masquerade' story, its a bit like Cinderella. I thought about writing historical Christian romance, I have also tried to write some stories that are like Hallmark movies. This Easter I want to finish some of my Godly praise poetry. I have a really hard time finishing my poems and stories. I tend to jump from one project to another. I must pray about this. I guess I have to help myself. Another thing, do any of you think that fantasy genre in books and movies, even Christian fantasy, is a sin? i don't think Christian fantasy is a sin, but worldly fantasy has a lot of evil in it, witchcraft, magic, mythology, blasphemy, lust, violence, cruelty, wrong doctrine, new age or Satan worship, self worship, lies, dishonesty bad values, nudity, a lot of immorality and bad stuff. Christianity fantasy should focus on worshiping God, Jesus Christ, witnessing, spreading the gospel, ( I can imagine witnessing Christ before fantasy creatures or space aliens) saving people from evil, fighting evil, caring, helping the poor and disabled, performing deeds of heroism and rightness, kindness, healing, mercy, well I have plans!

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    Default Re: loosing my poet touch

    you've answered you our questions!

    when Jesus calls us, all of our 'old made-up garbage goes into the 'trash-can', and if it doesn't
    then you are only still riding the bull and making up your very own scrolls to ride out...

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