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Thread: Are You Proud of Your Heritage?

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    Default Are You Proud of Your Heritage?

    Are you proud of your heritage?
    What did you do to merit it?
    Homie, did you choose your family and land?
    Are you proud of your heritage?
    Did you plan your own parentage?
    Did your birth come about at your demand?

    I was born an American
    and it's no more a fairer land
    than another's who was born somewhere 'cross the sea
    My traditions are like quicksand
    they grasp me with their strong hand
    while the foreigner's stuck in his own just like me

    She was born a beauty queen
    like eye candy on the big screen
    She knocks 'em all dead when she walks in the room
    Did she sift through the faces
    and claim one that graces?
    Or was her's made for her on the Weaver's loom?

    Am I proud of my heritage?
    Should I drown in my arrogance?
    Or should I thank the One who gives one to all?
    I had nothing to do with it
    and soon I'll be through with it
    May I humbly serve with it till I hear the Call
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    Default Re: Are You Proud of Your Heritage?

    Amen! That’s good. You said it well.
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