Nobody likes you?
Everybody hates you?
May as well go eat worms?

What's the WORD, bird!

God loves you.

um, repeat...
God LOVES you.

Better and truly sweet...

He LIKES you.

No respecter of persons...

The more you look away...
The more His heart aches... For YOU!!!

So...give Him a break.
Crack the book, bend the binding.
See the treasure that you've been hiding.

Got eyes of brown or eyes of blue?
Bald on top? Or hair of dew?
Pearly whites or Yellow teeth?

Makes no's what's underneath.

Your heart.
Your spirit.
Your very soul...He wants you...

In His Mansion...His very home.
n'er more to roam.

That's chosen...for you and me.
That's the way to be.

God bless the little ones and the old and grey
Who choose right now
This very day
To accept the friend that likes us best.

Choose God.
He'll take care of the rest.

Love -student