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Thread: Snap Shot

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    Default Snap Shot

    This is a heart attack.
    This is your doom.
    It's like I died again, I'm back with empty room.
    He's like a maniac their trippin' on my fumes.
    Because I light it up,
    I'm burning through the gloom.
    Back track six months,
    I was laying in a tomb.
    Crack rocks like a giant in the womb.
    I'd cry, but I haven't heard tune.
    You're just a dream I had, a memory or two.
    I could find you,
    but I'm not in any rooms.
    You pay for knowledge but I learned too many truths.
    I'm not a liar but I'm hardly missing few.
    I've got an army and we're only minus you.
    We've got a party but we're only checking few.
    If I'm retarded, then I'm only half past noon.
    I finally started to reflect my mood.
    If I'm surrounded then I guess I view.
    If I'm tinted then I guess I'm cool.
    If I lent it then I guess I rule.
    Because I gave it all up for you fools.
    Do you feel me?
    Do you hear me? I've been damning these blues.
    I should make it rain, but only on a few.

    Never was before,
    but now I'm over you.
    Guess I'm lifted,
    gifted for a few.
    I try to risk,
    try and cover you.
    You're acting all suspicious for a few.
    I could show them,
    or you could let me do.
    I found an arrow,
    yeah I got a few.
    I make them quiver,
    sing them from the yew.
    Then I dip them,
    tip them in the dew.
    You see me draw,
    only aiming at a few.
    Sit the hell down,
    Don't make me notch a few.
    Like you thought an automatic could protect you.
    Stay the f**k down.
    If I tell you.
    There's a couple people acting like I'd sell ya.
    What do I have to buy to rebel huh?
    I don't buy a damned thing,
    still in hell son.
    Everything I every buy,
    turns to sh*t huh?
    Like everything I ever try,
    I should quit huh?
    It's like every single lie's detected.
    And you're the only one standing around with breath to move us?
    Their must be some clear voices sprung up where he came from.
    Where all your missing "r"s at, we in Maine hun.
    There's some racers in the back,
    but we don't fear none.
    There's a couple of tracers in the pack on his back,
    that he deals for.
    That's a body on the shelf,
    what are you here for?
    I could serve them on a track for the world's food?
    That's kind of twisted for a fact, how about you try this.
    Keep your mouth shut like you don't even notice.
    I'm one of the very few running around,
    collecting stare-oids.
    They don't know if I I'll regret them,
    when I up and drive through.

    Oh my Lord,
    He's all over.
    Back and forth,
    the planet owes you.

    My mind so ranged,
    I never hold you.
    I just say,
    and then you go through.
    No delete,
    just a straight view.
    Look right through,
    to never own you.
    I lost few,
    was never sposed to.
    I just am,
    with no supposed to.
    I cut off,
    look at what you own fool.
    Your own mouth,
    Don't let the jury fly through.
    I know the wealth,
    so I could never write you.

    Eternal health,
    I'm closer than they'd tell you.
    Step back and watch them try to spell you.
    Either way I'm still here,
    never left you.
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    Default Re: Snap Shot

    Oh yeah !!! Like it !
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    When asked which is the greatest commandment, Jesus replied,

    "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." [Matt22:37-40]

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