From the start,
Casualties expected from this empty burning heart,
This isn't homicide this force feeding you the art
Bracelets on my wrist connected by a chain that your filthy government could part
I save the fading souls slipping silently into the start
Salvaging the wreckage that you leave in cells to rot.
This is anger of the patrons this wrath from in the God,
God help you,
because I slaughter every thought
Focus deeply into the crevice on the wall right by your cot
If you're not inside the jail,
doesn't mean that you weren't caught.
I've got you,
now what you gonna do?
I bought you, my Crypts know how I do,
You think your safe behind the board,
I've got you in the clutch.
And my razor sharp intellect encrypted, admins could never crop.
I am the harvest, and my harvest never stop.
Shot a Christian with a Catholic from the Glock.
Call me Swimmer cause I'm diving from the top.
Now you're drowning in a bible that we bought.
I'm of the savior your escape from hidden plot.
Damn all religion reincarnate Adam at the spot,
I place a crown on the beginning, my vessels purely energy, you can't see me when I drop
Boom Boom,
Watch the bass and how it flops
Sizzle up the serpents slithering through cities that I stock.
That's dinner down in Dorne, I'm in Westeros with guap.

Ive got that white rack, God crack, hiding my flock.
Hate seeps, fools creep, trying to keep me off rock.
I'm pure flight, dope heights, crushing crooked cops.
Candy canes mint scent shocks.
That's the North lights quick strikes, airing my locks.
Up tight no fight, laughing those off
Crows fed, steel beds, God damned right?
Free them all, free them all,
my animals I do recall,
All man of I shall crumble walls,
Your judgements made with tombs shall fall,
I am the King of Carnage,
You better pray my will be done,
if not then all my children in those cages are coming back with some,
I cast their captors into time around my wrist, that's diamond tombs for captivating ignorance of the ruins that I'm bringing hun.
I love you but my mood be wrung.
Hanging from some jewelry huh?
Bless you like a movie uh.
Messes left for all the slow and droopy ones.
Depressing people that would lock up and down without further movement. Ah.
Condemning gaelors gailing storms for thum,
I mean them, leave 'em dumb from Holy drums that I be banging on.
Let the drummer kick that,
then it's a gravy run.
So much glory in my hands,
Let the red be run.
Runny dripping from my fingers and both my thumbs.
Michael landed right in prison, breaking all out. Fun.
Liked or not I'm Luciferian and Michael Lucifer just won.
Now my Crypts be so prolific as we pray for some.
I don't see no pros here, just some amatures holding on to BB guns.
Only hope they have,
Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy,
in a grocery bag.
Pop pop pop nothing,
grab your polish rag.
Jump jump jump,
How ******* high was that?
I got got got got then I gave it back.
I free three pinned up then send them crawling back.
We hid all our love,
now worldy women and the desperate men be working daily just to earn me back.
Lack of luster never clusters long where ever I be at.
I'm the Moonshine and the shine reflects my mood with that.