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my favorites are young adults forum,singles forum,introduction forum,I wish I could say bible forum but so much is unaccomplished in that forum half the time because of arguments and nit picking,and dragging things out,maybe once people get over their egos,then I could call bible discussion forum,a favorite,seriously we are supposed to "teach" God's word not bicker back and forth about who is right,because in truth only God is right all the time not us,prayer forum is excellent though,glad people haven't made a mess of it,and I've recently been looking through the foreign forums and it is interesting so I may add some as favorites in time,but bible discussion should have people that are "understanding" "compassionate" and "willing" to"discuss"points of view not make it a banter of you are wrong I am right,true God needs people who will stand up for him in devoutness but one must be sure that whomever you discuss with gets a chance to speak too,and at the "End"(if some of these so called discussions have an end) you both "learn" and "grow" in christ!
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I forgot about this post,glad you liked it lighthearted!