Everything about God is and has purpose. And the driving force that fuels His purpose is love. God is love and all He does is wrapped up in the purpose of love. His love is so perfect that it can never be compromised by doubt or uncertainty, and it's so powerful that it will never fail in its purpose. It was His love for you and me that sent His only begotten Son to the cross, with the purpose of reconciling us back to Him and destroying the yoke of slavery to sin over our lives.

That same, passion filled love, compelled Jesus to willingly lay His life down for us, for the joy it brought Him to see us become one with Him. And now that we are one spirit with Christ, that same powerful and perfect love courses through our spiritual veins. And just as it does for Him, it must be what fuels and motivates us in this life. When love for the Lord and others becomes our purpose, it will cause us to push through the toughest of times and persist. It will be the passion that motivates you to keep the course and never look back, regardless of the obstacles in your way. Do you feel a need for more strength and power in your life? Open your heart to the Holy Spirit and let Him fill you with a surge of His powerful love to fuel your purpose. Just believe and receive and live strong in His love today.