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Thread: Black Hebrew Israelites Again

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    Default Black Hebrew Israelites Again

    I'm really sorry for posting so much on these people ik it must be very annoying to you guys... but I just looked at some videos and read Bible chapter Deuteronomy 28, and I'm more scared than ever about this. If you haven't read chapter 28 it talks about how God will chose his people and they will be disobedient. He will curse them by sending them out across the world and making them slaves with diseases and terror and such. Then he will bring them back to Israel. I would recommend you read it before responding I might have got some stuff wrong. But doesn't his describe the history of black people and they are the true Israelites? And if so this means the Black Hebrew Israelites are right? And on the video I saw if someone trying to debunk them people commented calling white people and Christians "dumb edomites" and that they have been deceived by "white washed" Christianity. I saw los of people supporting this group, and I'm scared. I don't want to be enslaved and go to the lake of fire to being white and Christian please help.

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    Default Re: Black Hebrew Israelites Again

    Many different groups of people who are COMPLETELY unrelated to Israelites go around claiming to be Israelites... this false claim allows them to steal some of those cool promises to Israel from the Old Testament.

    It's very bad theology, and its' not even "new" bad theology.

    Different groups have been claiming to be Israel for quite a while.
    It's just silly.

    This stuff is easily debunked biblically, or just with simple logic and history.
    I wouldn't give it 2 seconds of thought.

    Surely you can find a dozen videos on youtube explaining and debunking it.

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