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Thread: When is a good time to start dating?

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    Default Re: When is a good time to start dating?

    Thanks! I'll try to be patient!

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    Default Re: When is a good time to start dating?

    Your parents are very wise, and I think you are very wise to trust them! Noticing guys is so, so normal. When I was about 14, I think I crushed on every guy who spoke to me! I once was in the same room with like, three guys that I had had crushes on at one point. It was so embarrassing ! You grow out of it, to some extent. That's one reason why it is a good idea to wait before seriously dating. Be friends with both guys and girls, be friends with groups, get to know people as people, get to know them with their peers, their teachers, their parents, their siblings. But wait for that special relationship with a guy until you're older. It's totally worth it, I'm thinking. Young teens just aren't prepared for those kinds of relationships, and it gets better with time.
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    Default Re: When is a good time to start dating?

    Learn to cook first . maybe 16 or 17 but not earlier
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